Elgin's Best Italian Beef Sandwiches - Current Leaders

Nella's Beef & Catering

#1 Rated! Nella's Beef is Elgin's Best Italian Beef!Continuing their reign as Elgin's Best Italian Beef for the third year running. Nella's Beef & Catering has polled the top spot again this year. Serving a delicious and savory Italian Beef sandwich with perfectly sliced and seasonsed roast beef dripping with meat juices on a dense long Italian-style roll seems to have been the magical recipe that keeps them on top of the Elgin's Best Italian Beef polls. Nella's Beef & Catering - "try the Garlic Cheesy Beef or Da Nella for a more unique take on a traditional Italian Beef Sandwich.

Beef Villa

#2 Rated! Up one over last year! Beef Villa is Elgin's 2nd Best Italian Beef! Staying strong as one of Elgin's Best Italian Beef providers, Beef Villa continues to rank in the upper echelon on Elgin's Best Beef list. Serving the Elgin area for over 40 years, Beef Villa uses quality homemade recipes to bring the best to their customers. Try Elgin's 2nd Best Italian Beef at one of their three great locations! "Their food is great!"

Beef Shack

#3 Rated! Seemingly coming out of nowhere in this years polls, Elgin's 3rd Best Italian Beef award goes to Beef Shack. Vowing to fresh-grill every single bite with juicy greatness, Beef Shack has broke onto the Elgin Italian Beef scene with their new location at the Western edge of Elgin. With two other locations they are looking to become a "Beef Dynasty" in the Kane County area. Not quite polling at number one yet in Elgin, they're doing something that has moved them into the number three slot of Elgin's Best Beef. Time will tell if they're just the next "new thing" or a perennial top three on the definitive list of Elgin's Best Italian Beef.

Elgin & South Elgin, Illinois!